On Outing, Not Outing, and Working for Gawker

About a year and a half ago, I stumbled on what initially felt like the scoop of my career: I found evidence that an NFL player sleeps with men. This happened before Michael Sam came out, but after rumors circulated that four NFL players were about to come out. At that point, public discourse about homophobia in the… » 7/21/15 11:22am 7/21/15 11:22am

Gawker Heroes: Kanye West

I was highly critical of West this year, because I respect him enough to expect a lot. And also because to laugh at Kanye is to laugh with Kanye. He's in on the joke — to an extent, at least. He knows that by causing an outburst (you may prefer the word "rant" or the phrase "throw a temper tantrum"), he will get… » 12/18/13 8:35pm 12/18/13 8:35pm

Justin Timberlake Sometimes Wants To Spit His Food at Fans

Jaed Coffin was once in the running to ghostwrite Justin Timberlake's memoir. That book still hasn't been released (or written for all we know), which is probably for the best given that Coffin's brush with the Timberlake was blander than the chicken sandwich the pop star expressed interest in spitting at a fan… » 9/30/13 5:04pm 9/30/13 5:04pm