Like Winona Ryder's Career, But Sexier: A Discussion With Juno Temple

While watching Juno Temple's exquisite performance in Alexandre Aja's new fantasy/horror/comedy Horns, a name popped into my head: "Winona." In the film, Temple is an angelic and ideal human with a hint of darkness, not unlike the character Winona Ryder played in Edward Scissorhands. Nursing my opinion is the… » 10/31/14 2:33pm Today 2:33pm

Stop Being Such a Coward, Queen Latifah--Maybe

You might think that right now, Bill Cosby would be an ideal interview subject. With a renewed interest in rape and harassment allegations, thanks in no small part to Hannibal Buress, on top of the fact that the 77-year-old is a complete and utter spectacle, he would be an ideal get for any interviewer worth her… » 10/30/14 2:32pm Yesterday 2:32pm

Here Are the Things That Tim Cook Could Bring to Russia, Besides Ebola

Happy National Tim Cook Coming Out Day! How have you been celebrating? I have been reading the angry responses from homophobic assholes, like this prick and this one. In times like these, it feels prudent to note that if you are a man who has not sucked dick, you are no authority on what it feels like to have a guy's… » 10/30/14 12:48pm Yesterday 12:48pm

Taylor Swift's New Album Hurts My Ears

During the three times I listened to Taylor Swift's new synth pop album, 1989, I felt like I was being screamed at for over an hour. Her vocals are amplified above all else, and generally what that all else is are loud block waveforms of electronic pop. Often, she is shouting politely, to boot. Her yelps are more… » 10/29/14 10:32am Wednesday 10:32am

Honey Boo Boo Mom's Boyfriend Reportedly Molested Her Daughter Anna

Just when you thought this story couldn't get shittier or more nauseating, TMZ drops the bomb that the relative of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo matriarch June Shannon's that her reported boyfriend, convicted child molester Mark McDaniel, forced oral sex on 10 years ago, when she was 8 years old, is none other than June's… » 10/24/14 6:15pm 10/24/14 6:15pm

Annie Lennox Whitewashes Explanation of "Strange Fruit"

Annie Lennox, who recently boiled down what Beyoncé does to "twerking" to dismiss Bey's feminism, was less specific though still not quite...right when when Tavis Smiley asked her about covering "Strange Fruit" on her new album Nostalgia. Popularized by Billie Holiday in 1939, "Strange Fruit" is a song about racism… » 10/24/14 12:08pm 10/24/14 12:08pm

Judge Judy Has No Time for Your EDM or "Raves"

Add Electric Daisy Carnival and the entire concept of raves, for that matter, to the list of things Judge Judy didn't know about before donning her doily for work one day, and clearly still would rather not know about ( Grindr and e-cigarettes are also recent entries on that list). » 10/23/14 11:01am 10/23/14 11:01am

Honey Boo Boo's Mom Is Reportedly Dating a Convicted Child Molester

June Shannon, the matriarch of the family portrayed on TLC's Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, is dating a man who molested an 8-year-old by forcing oral sex on her, TMZ reports. Mark McDaniel was convicted in 2004 and served 10 years in prison before being released in March. The child he molested was a relative of June's. » 10/23/14 10:03am 10/23/14 10:03am